A Bit of History...

In 1971, an Alutiiq man named Senafont Shugak, Sr. invited men of Christian faith to his home on Monday nights for singing and sharing God's word. Men like Don Stump (InterAct Ministries) and Pastor Paul Weimer (Grace Baptist Church) came to share with him and his family.

Every monday evening (Senafont's day off from work) the coffee was put on and one of the men would come to teach. Senafont played his guitar and they all sang then the evening was ended with Bible teaching. Others including Walter Maillelle and his family began to come to the fellowship bringing their guitars to play and sing too.

It was not long before the "group" grew too large for Senafont and Vera's home and they agreed to find a bigger living room to meet in. They kept moving on to several larger living rooms and one of the last homes they met in was Chuck Obendorf's. The guitar playing group even met at Romig Junior High School before they settled in at the Covenant Church on 10th Street.

A man from Chignik, calling himself "The Singing Fisherman," (Ruben Hillborn) wrote a song called "A New Life" which talks about the new life we have in Christ. The group began to sing his song each week and soon it became known as their theme song.

In the Fall of 2010, Native New Life Fellowship moved from the Covenant Church, to the auditorium at Changepoint.

Native New Life Fellowship continues to meet every week at 6:30pm